You are Born to Succeed: Secret formula to Happiness

Everyone reading this article should believe that- You are Born to Succeed! With responsibilities, duties & tasks assigned at work, we tend to disorient from the true of happiness. The Eternal Formula of happiness has been deeply explained in this blog. For all those you are wondering out there, still trying to figure out, stay grounded because you are a powerhouse of humanity. Nothing can break your determination when it is grounded to the core of thoughts. Let's together discover happiness & success within ourselves.

Born to Succeed

“You are abundance.”

All of us have heard these in seminars and workshops. 

  • Why do we forget these then? 
  • Why don’t we experience these in our everyday lives? 


Is life a race or a picnic? If we take it as a race, we run fast and get exhausted out of fatigue, competition and comparison. If we take, life as a picnic, we do not use our potential to the fullest as we are too relaxed. Life is a journey. It is a very beautiful journey. There is no road without ups and downs; a hairpin bends and speed breakers. Let us resolve to celebrate this journey. Eternal, Infinite and unconditional happiness lies within. The formula is easy and simple. It is 3S – Selfless Giving, Self-Love and Serving family. it starts with the expression of understanding that you are born to succeed.


How are You Born to Succeed?


1. Selfless Giving

Where is the GPS of our life? Life is a flow. A famous quote goes, “the purpose of life is to discover your gift, the work of your life is to develop it and the meaning of life is to give it away.” Gandhi Ji also said, “The best way to find oneself is to lose oneself in the service of others.” Dr Kiran Bedi also says, “Giving is life.” If God has given us something extra, we should multiply it by sharing with those who don’t have enough of it. In the words of a great spiritual master, “Happiness does not depend on what you get, but on what you give.” Swami Chimayananda said, “What we have is God’s gift to us and what we do with what we have is our gift to God.” Swami Vivekananda said that they alone live who live for others, others are more dead than alive.

  • Are we truly living?
  • Are we happy?


The above lessons make it clear that givers are the happiest people. Givers are gainers. Employees who give their best are always rewarded by nature. Employees who are sincere, developing their knowledge and skills are sure to contribute more. Tony Robbins has said that contribution is one of the powerful emotions essential for everlasting happiness. The more you contribute to others’ lives, the happier you become. 


2. Self-Love 

Self-love is easy and simple. It means loving and blessing oneself. Bless your body; talk to your body; take care of your body; keep it healthy and keep it clean. Fill your mind with positive emotions. Let us live values so that life is filled with the fragrance of joy and peace. Anger, hatred, jealousy, regret, attachment or greed have helped none. Negative emotions are just a part of life. Let us experience life by living it fully so that we transcend and go beyond them. A deep understanding and clarity that few emotions do more harm than benefit help us grow and win over the lower tendencies. 


Love, hope, faith, kindness, compassion, cheerful acceptance, appreciation, enthusiasm, gratitude and many other positive emotions make our lives rich. Gratitude makes every dish a feast. It is the secret of happiness, confidence and success. Intellect should be developed so that it is sharp; does critical and creative thinking; takes decisions out of clarity and conviction and is involved in positive self-talk. We must develop the habit to empty our minds by writing journal, gratitude notes, self-love letter, teach kids and volunteer so that our brains grow younger, else, nerve cells shrink and die well before our physical departure. Spiritual health can be taken care of by meditation, mindful breathing, reading spiritual texts, solitude, silence and other practices. We need not do all these, however, one discipline of gratitude is enough to make us a true disciple to our higher inner self.


Daily Efforts

  • What are our daily efforts?
  • Physical Transformation
  • Emotional Transformation
  • Intellectual Transformation
  • Spiritual Transformation
  • Can someone else do it for us?

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You are Born to Succeed


3. Serving Family

Family of four is maintained even by cats, dogs and other animals. We are human beings, the crown of creation.

  • Are we serving our families? 
  • Are we serving our parents? 
  • Are we strengthening our bonds with our family? 


As we grow and expand from within, we serve society and the entire world becomes our family. Our perspective about life and universe broadens and we inculcate the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The world is one family. This vision brings our inner and outer worlds in harmony. We are manifested with health, wealth, happiness, excellence and success. 


We experience higher levels of satisfaction. We are responsible for our state of affairs, only when one believes that- You are born to succeed, not merely live a life without a predestined purpose. The pattern of education in schools and colleges mostly fails to equip us with the 3S – Selfless Giving, Self-Love and Serving family. However, we should neither blame our education system nor our institutions and parents for our state of affairs. After 18 years of age, we must take charge of our life. We are the captain of our soul. We have the freedom and choice to carve the niche for ourselves and hence shape our destiny. The quality of our life depends on our commitment to excellence. Happiness is our choice and our state of mind.


The Inspirit Way

The Secret to Happiness has been simplified very well by Mr. Sunny Nagpal. With his experience in various social responsibility has eased the path not only towards success but also most importantly enlightened the routes within. The introspecting thoughts has led the readers to understand oneself better, as we get introduced towards our own thoughts. These uncertain times has truly encouraged us with the affirmation that; You are born to Succeed!

Sunny Nagpal is the Chief Smile Officer at aha! Education. He is a Lucky Co-Founder of Aha Education which was founded by 3 friends to make school and life an aha experience.
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