Understanding Karma Yog With Ina D’souza

Team Inspirit’s Aniruddha Bidkar & Vaibhav Yadav are in conversation with Ina D’Souza, Head of Learning & OD at Degustibus Hospitality. In this Video Interview, we discuss that 'True progress is when we use the wisdom of the past as a foundation to move forward.' Understanding Karma Yog helps us correct what we have been doing wrong and build a stronger, more resilient tomorrow.

Understanding Karma Yog

Team Inspirit’s Aniruddha Bidkar & Vaibhav Yadav are in conversation with Ina D’souza, Head of Learning & OD at Degustibus Hospitality. She is a People Enthusiast & an ardent follower of the Karma Yog principles. This causal discussion brings out the finer details of the Karma Yog principle as well as actionable steps towards one’s professional success. Thus, Understanding Karma Yog has become a wonderful attribute to learn & strive one’s leadership strategies on!

Deep Dive into our insightful conversation with Team Inspirit. Using these principles Business Leaders & Human Resource Managers (HR) can maximize Employee Engagement and enhance Performance Management. Modern-day leadership requires leveraging ancient wisdom like Karma Yog for dealing with changing business landscape.



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The Inspirit Way

Business has become the thrust of our modern societies. This phenomenon built on the values of capitalism started within the West and has now permeated the East. Traditional societies like India, China and Japan have now fully embraced the goal of an endless economic process. Business isn’t solely about the techniques of management, but also about the one that performs the task. The techniques of management are changing rapidly with the days, but the soul of the individual is the same because it was some thousand years ago. Research and practical applications of the Gita spiritual principles within the realm of management may guide us along the thanks to improving the person, the corporate and society as a full.

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