Corporate Mental Health: How to deal with Stress this Pandemic?

As per the wise words of Chanakya - “There is no austerity equal to a balanced mind, and there is no happiness equal to contentment; there is no disease like covetousness, and no virtue like mercy.” This uncertain pandemic has made some changes in our day- to-day lives that have changes the way we interact & move around. Once we start returning to our old spaces those will now feel unfamiliar. The places have not change but the way we will navigate them is going to be radically different. So the pandemic is a dismaying threat and an opportunity to rethink how we live, move, and get together.

Corporate Mental Health

Aristotle stated, “Man is by nature a social animal”. Socialization is an important component of the human experience, an experience that continues even after unfortunate or traumatic events. We all want a sense of community. Humans don’t cope up well with isolation. But while we are all stuck in one such situation it’s the need for time to sit and think about how to change our lifestyle and rearrange it to face the new changing world. Thus, Corporate Mental Health becomes important as time passes during this lockdown. No one knows how long the uncertainty is going to last, and that has had a significant impact on the mental health of people.


What we should do?

  • To start with we should understand that the psychological reaction is normal.
  • 50% of our issues are in our insights, just addressing the problem – is the solution for it!
  • Living with yourself – Till now we have never spent so much time with ourselves. The maximum time we give to us is to say one or two hours.
  • This self – realization, self – loathing can be overwhelming to many of us.
  • Introduce you to yourself and it won’t seem a roller coaster ride. That’s the art of living.

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5 ways to take care of your mental health in lockdown

1.  Stay connected

While some of us live with a family many of them do not. Everyone is anxious, worried just pick up the phone and share your thoughts! It’s one of the best times to get in touch with friends with whom you have lost the touch. Video call family and friends, share a laugh or two.

If at-home play all the childhood board games, go through old albums revive old memories.

Share gossips, even if connecting virtual can reduce your stress considerably.

2.  Mediate / Exercise

All of us have at some point of time in our life wanted to practice yoga or exercise.

This is a good opportunity for the same. Instead of waking up to your phones why not start your day with Yoga or Meditation.

If you are not a Yoga type person then you can enhance your health with a little working at home. Anything that can pump your heart or build your muscle at home is good enough. With all these blooming media we can find out work out videos online.

3.  Recite Positive Affirmations 

Trust me, while all these may sound stupid, it boosts our confidence. While washing your face, or looking yourself in the mirror say positive things like “You’re amazing” or “You’re going to get through this”. Don’t forget to smile as this can boost your self-confidence in a hot second.

Practice gratitude for things have. Write them down at the start or end of the day, these practices have shown great benefits for our Corporate mental health.

4.  Get Creative

Every one of us has a hidden talent inside us. So try to let that creative being out and try something new every few days.

Learn a new language that you wanted to, paint, read a book, learn a new instrument.

Who knows you may surprise yourself, as one can’t expect to the Jack of all. Just pursue your long lost hobby to make yourself happy.

Not every drawing is going to be Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. You just have to be your version of Leonardo da Vinci.

5.  Disconnect

This is important for all of these.

When everything seems too overwhelming, just shut down social media and breathe.

It’s important to sometimes rejuvenate our minds. Avoid negative news if that causes you anxiety. Try and read more of Practical and Positive new articles.

It’s okay to get back to your cocoon once in a while. Just Reboot yourself.


The Inspirit Way

Although we will have to wave goodbye to all the theaters, over crowed places, gyms, bars that we all loved for some time. If one good thing has come out of these strange times is that during this lockdown people have realized that keeping fit necessarily does not mean going to gyms or to jog. With loads of wellness solutions around the corner, one can easily opt for Yoga, Meditation that helps to stay happy & healthy. We can use this opportunity to rediscover what our minds can do for our bodies in new spaces and upcoming times. Let’s follow the small tips in and post lockdown and emerge as a better version of ourselves and not merely as survivors of a pandemic. Thus, Corporate Mental Health is very prominent during this WFH phase.

I'm a Medical Consultant working as a Clinical psychologist. Apart from this I paint, read, pen down my thoughts. Rusty poetry from a squeaky pen.
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