Learning & Development has no Lockdown by Maryline Sebastian

Learning Never stops & will Never have a Lockdown. Maryline Sebastian Senior Manager L&D at Reliance Industries. Learning & Development has been one of the top most priority eversince, & this pandemic has bought us all a step closer to the idea of upskilling ourselves. Employee need to constactly introspect oneself to understand the missing gaps & utilise their time is learning, relearning & unlearning the conventional thought process, while we imbibe into the attribute of Growth Mindset.

Pandemic Positively Changing Perceptions

Learning & Development During Lockdown

Inspirit’s Knowledge Shot presents to you one of our Proud Contributors, Maryline Sebastian Senior Manager L&D at Reliance Industries. Her strong emphasis on Learning to strive through this pandemic has highly motivated many to learn, relearn and unlearn one’s conventions. Let’s accept our new friend ‘Possibilities’ to understand our true hidden potential. Encourage your employees to invest some time in themselves & always remember ‘Learning never stops.’

Maryline has also contributed to Inspirit’s Wisdom which talks about the Pandemic that has positively changed perceptions of lives. Her insights on viewing the current situation are quite optimistic. Be it looking at the positive side to thrive during this lockdown or focusing on the habit of Learning & Development during this Work From Home regime has been highly commendable!


Senior Manager, L&D, Hydrocarbons Group, Reliance Industries. A well-rounded expert in envisioning, strategist, leading and managing an L&D framework, I believe that we can be of value to our customers only by adding value to ourselves as professionals.
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