How Training & Development can Make you Job Ready?

Most of the recruiters look forward to the candidate who is willing to learn and grow as well as accelerate in their career so that it would become a great asset for their organization. Learning an online course based on your career will help you to transit into any new role by developing the right skill set. Thus, highlighting the importance of training & development amongst the workforce has to be considered. Now, is the right time to gain knowledge & use them practically in the years to come.

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Eat, Sleep, Learn, Be Motivated! and Repeat! Training & Development has become the new normal process for all job seekers during this Pandemic period! Upskilling and Relearning is a great way to fill the skill gaps and grow in any industry or organization. Due to this, one requires to pursue an online course to work in a better manner, every company has different job requirements.


Benefits for Training & Development

One needs to upskill and Re-learning in their career:

  • As various building models are changing and technology are gaining prominence, employees require to equip themselves with the necessary skill sets that are required in their career – i.e. hard skill as well as soft skills, whereby this can steer the organization’s success in the right direction.
  • The performing candidate will always move towards companies that offer upskilling and re-skilling of skill set because it will help in their career development and also would lead to career growth and better monetary benefits.


Training & Development


Here are the various ways for an individual to learn and upskill themselves and make “job-ready” during this tough job market.


1. Upgrade career opportunities

If career progression is on your mind, upskilling yourself with a suitable online certification course would be a perfect decision. You can easily obtain a certification or qualification in the interest of your field, which will create an added advantage to your resume. Upskilling or Re-Learning does not only help you in getting a better job opportunity but also secures you a better compensation as you develop your skills. Therefore, if you are planning to switch from your organization, kindly take up some time to enrol yourself in some online course which would be beneficial to you for joining another organization.


2. Fill the Skill Gap

Whenever you are looking for a job opportunity whether it is concerning monetary benefits or maybe growth, jot down the skills that you have as well as the skills the new organization requires that you look forward to joining, in case you lack the skillset. Then enrol yourself in some online training course or maybe a specialized certification.


3. Keep yourself updated based on the Recruiter’s Requirements

Upskilling and Re-learning is the most important requirement as well as the need for the hour, one requires to update their knowledge and skillset based on the recruiter’s requirement and also one needs to understand the market scenario of the organization before joining. With an online learning course, you are flexible to learn as well as manage your day-to-day activities on your own time. Most job seekers mostly acquire one particular qualification and they stick with it for their entire tenure without upgrading their skill set. However, with the technology evolving as well as the different industries, most recruiters are looking forward to employees who are upgrading their skillset, so this would lead to less learning when the employee has joined the organization.


4. Avoid being a non-useful asset at work

With a limited skill set, you would be employed in the same job roles and responsibilities. This leads to becoming a non-useful asset in your career and also leads to a monotonous workplace. Upskilling and Re-skilling your skillset allow you to explore different roles and also to accept the new task as well as responsible responsibilities. With the new skill set, one can open the gateway for new roles that would make work more exciting rather than a monotonous lifestyle.


5. Don’t Lose Hope, Have Confidence in yourself

Due to less knowledge, we often feel unprepared to ask our boss for a challenging role as responsibilities to grow in our organization, Upskilling and Re-learning through an online course would actually help us to fill the gaps in our skillset and would also develop us to perform our roles and responsibilities with great confidence so, if you wish to step up successful in your career, keep learning always, It helps drastically, bring a fresh perspective to your career growth. Pick an online course and build a strong resume with new skill sets. Also, most of the E-learning platforms are affordable and knowledgeable too. Finally, a tip for job seekers: – Keep Learning and Keep Your Knowledge Growing!


The Inspirit Way

Training & Development has always been a much-needed Upskilling technique in every industry. Talent Acquisition in the virtual space has been revamped to support the Futuristic workspace. With Hybrid work modules being proposed, increasing automation, and upscaling the intervention of robotics, Inspirit has always emphasised HR Training, Knowledge sharing, & Motivating Employees to give their best. Let us know, how you plan to upskill your workforce?

HR Executive at Bentel Associates International Pvt Ltd. She demonstrates a history of working in the architecture & planning industry.
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