Energy Boosters During the Work From Home Regime

Employees need to give enough time to take care of their nutritional needs. During this Nutritional Week, let your employees know the hacks of a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few quick tips for a wonderful start given by Corporate Nutritionist Mahima Setia. Healthy Lifestyle not only changes your body but also provides food for thought.

Energy Boosters

Employees often find themselves prey to the lethargic lifestyle due to their eating habits. As we commemorate the upcoming ‘Nutrition Week.’ Our Corporate Nutritionist Mahima Setia has shared the most sort after 3 Immunity & Energy Boosters Hacks in this Knowledge Shot Video. Organisations should focus on Corporate Health as a prominent factor while the workforce operates from home.

Today many of us, in the corporate space are suffering from various Lifestyle diseases making us unviable and this can impede us from achieving our goals & dreams. We need to keep our body worry-free because what we eat & drink will be walking & talking tomorrow. In this blog, we will solely focus on understanding the science behind most of the health problems. As it is rightly stated; wherever there is a problem there is a cause that has initiated the problem. If you want to get rid of the problem, you must first remove the cause and to remove the cause you must first know what the cause is. Let’s connect to Mother Nature to get back on track with an optimally functioning body. It’s time to uplift every employee Nutritionally towards a Healthy Future.


Experienced Clinical Nutritionist with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry.
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