D.I.Y Mindfulness Routine to Enhance Corporate Wellness

89% of the Indian Population in their mid 30’s combat stress & anxiety according to Economic Times. The major drive towards this ever-increasing number is – ‘Workplace Stress.’ Steering this problem towards a solution is the need of the hour, thus opting for the rejuvenating route of Mindfulness. With every day tools & responsibilities in hand, you can practice mindfulness in your daily routine. Find out – How?

D.I.Y Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an age-old tradition equipped to fight the battle of modern-day life problems, with just the essence of being oneself, present at the particular moment This exercise describes leaving behind one’s tendency to judge. The benefits of mindfulness are very essential to corporate & it’s employees. Mindfulness programs help industry leaders and employees reflect effectively, as they concentrate on the tasks at priority, master peak levels of business productivity, boost enthusiasm, and recharge quickly. Integrating mindfulness in the corporate fabric can be challenging at times. Thus, it’s very important to reap the fruits of mindfulness yourself as one should always practice what they preach. To unleash the true power of mindfulness, companies will have to embrace a holistic approach to corporate wellness & employee welfare. Let begin it with a D.I.Y Mindfulness Module!


D.I.Y Mindfulness Practice With your Team

Set aside some time

Mindfulness helps us put some space between ourselves and our reactions, breaking down our conditioned responses You don’t need a meditation cushion or bench, or any sort of special equipment to access your skills—but you do need to set aside some time and space, to indulge in this feeling of calmness. Paying attention to the present moment in an accepting, nonjudgmental way — is a simple practice available to all. The more the team members, the better is the positive vibes reverberated. 

Live the Present

The aim of mindfulness is not quieting the mind or attempting to achieve a state of eternal calm. The goal is simple: It is to pay constant attention to the present moment, without judgment. Easier said than done. It’s easier to dissect every memory, thought, or past action into consumable bits without a judgmental viewpoint. Thus, this practice helps all the employees to focus on the positives than the negatives & understand every scenario of the corporate world with an open heart and mind.

Body scan

Once you’ve mastered the technique of mindful mediation to stay in the moment. Think about each body part individually and how it feels. Take note of the body part, it’s position, working from your feet to your head. Every tingle, every touch of air, body fatigue, muscle strain, etc. feel them all without a judgment, even if it is a mosquito biting! Focus on the surrounding noises0 sound of the Mumbai traffic, ambient music played if any, being aware is the key. This is also helpful when you find yourself surrounded in stressful situations in real life.

Let Your Mind Wander

Our minds often get carried away in thought. That’s why mindfulness is the practice of returning, again and again, to the present moment. Don’t judge yourself for whatever thoughts crop up, just practice recognizing when your mind has wandered off, and remember to gently bring it back from the past. That’s the actual practice of being mindful. It’s often been said that it’s very simple, but it’s not necessarily easy. Keep sprinkling such doses of Mindfulness sessions in your Corporate lifestyle, & results will tend to follow you in the form of business productivity, a higher amount of employee enthusiasm towards work, enhanced team collaboration to dream big as you achieve the brand’s goal together. 


5 Easy Steps to Organize A Basic D.I.Y Mindfulness Session


Make sure you choose a cozy spot to conduct Mindfulness sessions. Comfortable clothes & remove footwear to relax your body, by not showing a sense of hurry. Dim lighting to encourage all of the employees to open up their mind, thoughts & vulnerability.


One can prefer aromatic candles or any sweet air fresher works other than the normal one used in office, to activate the sense of smell. Employees can collaboratively decorate the mindful practice conference room or space with handmade articulates. An empty whiteboard can be placed in the front to focus.

Breathing Practice

Start by focusing on the breathing, as this exercise will help every individual understand their current state of mind & intrigue the need to calm it down. Meditation sets the pace & tone for this session. Initiate with small inhales & keep pushing your limits to broaden your horizons to realign your routine.


Identify any yoga or meditation practitioner to guide you through this session for the initial sessions. Regular turns can be taken amongst employees to conduct this session, once they understand the nuances of corporate mindfulness they can take it up to share their insights & guide the entire team towards feeling


Reflection post Mindfulness is the key to a happy team collaboration. To speak out how you felt like can help each one understand the different aspects of mindfulness and how by bringing it on the table can help dissolve issues, barriers, etc. Team tussles, individual fights, individuality can be spoken out loud without judgments being passed as you interact during this engaging session.

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Practice D.I.Y Mindfulness- Every Day, Any Time, Anywhere


D.I.Y Mindfulness starts with the basics of meditation. One has to simply find a comfortable place, free of distractions, and quiet your mind. Meditation is all about exploring. It is a special place where every moment is momentous. As we meditate we venture into the minds: our sensations, our bodily processes, the music of this wonderful nature, the gush of your thoughts, etc. By constant focus on your breathing, meditation helps us imbibe a new sense of perception.

Observe Your Inner Thoughts

Mindfulness can be as simple as breathing! It’s relatively easy to experience mindfulness, in every daily chore we do, which is to focus on our thoughts. You might find it difficult to concentrate on the rapid gush of thoughts running through your mind, holding on to the constant chatter of the details. Focus on the delicate sound and rhythm of your breath, this practice can have a calming effect on your body as you remain grounded to the being you are at the moment.

Cleaning the Desk

Cleaning your office desk, home, bookshelf, etc is figuratively indicating clearing emotional baggage off your shoulders. Re-shuffling orders, tidying up the room, letting go of unneeded objects, etc. are to be viewed as the positive restoration of yourself & a stress relief exercise. The texture of articulates that every object brings to you is a different sensation altogether summing up your life to be cleaned without a speck of negativity. 

Listen To Music

You tune in any melodious music you want as a background score to your life while you mindfully meditate. Music is used therapeutically in the form of complementary medicine known as music therapy. You can play any music that engages you – soothing new-age music, alternate pop, classical music, or any slow-tempo music to feel calming effects. Listen to every vibration, frequency change, beat thought that passes your mind.


D.I.Y Mindfulness in every action

This practice of focused observation can be intertwined with tasks, gardening is a great way of practising mindfulness; light a candle and concentrate on the dancing flame; Cook a meal – to feel every texture of individual components, read a book to understand the words that strike emphasis & feel the surface of the pages that touch your heart. Did you know that eating is also an effective mindfulness exercise?


We understand organizing these wellness sessions can be too much on your plate, but don’t worry when our mix of Corporate trainers & employee engagement experts help you strike the best balance between work & wellness. After you have attempted the basic session, you may want to get professional help to conduct the Advanced Guided sessions. Inspirit has some of the finest practitioners who would help your team, to achieve zen!  

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