10 Step Innovation Framework by Dr Kaustubh Dhargalkar

Inspirit Preach brings you the 10 Step Innovation Framework DIY Model introduced during the session. Utilise this Proven methodology and enkindle exploration and innovation. Know your Potential is boundless & Possibilities to achieve them are limitless. To #BeFutureReady, you need to make innovation an integral part of everyday life by taking out the stigma and fear.

Dr. Kaustubh Dhargalkar_10 Step Innovation Framework

10 Step Innovation Framework By Dr Kaustubh Dhargalkar

Everyone today has the capability to shape their ideas & make them a reality, with the help of the Key Takeaways highlighted by Dr Kaustubh Dhargalkar during the Inspirit Preach Event. Know your Potential is boundless & Possibilities to achieve them are limitless. Inspirit has truly enhanced the Innovation Quotient of our lucky attendees! Here is the 10-step Innovation Framework for all those participants, keeping our promise to share the same.

We believe actions are more impactful than mere words, therefore this framework is designed to give you a boost and provoke you to act on the ideas you sketch today, to make them happen tomorrow. #BeFutureReady

You can check out his book ‘It’s Logical Innovating Profitable Business Models’ at www.amazon.in/its-logical

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Kaustubh LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaustubhdesignthinking/

Potential and Possibilities Website: http://www.potentialsandpossibilities.com/

Framework Copyright @ Kaustubh Dhargalkar, Founder Potential and Possibilities

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Founder, Potentials & Possibilities Ph.D Design Thinking and Corporate Innovation Author, Design Thinker, Innovation Evangelist, TEDx Speaker Entrepreneurship Educator and Mentor award by Govt. of India
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